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tv   The Journal Editorial Report  FOX News  August 24, 2014 12:00pm-12:31pm PDT

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ed her birthday with a well attended birthday party. and that's it for today. have a great week. this is a fox news alert. an american journalist held hostage in syria for the next two years is now free. u.s. officials say peter leo curtis has been released by an al qaeda group in syria. secretary of state john kerry released a statement just within the past hour saying that to two years, this young american has been separated from his family, finally he is returning home. l theo's mother simply refused to given up and worked to keep the hope alive that this day could be a reality. we'll have a live report with the latest develops in just a minute, but first --
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getting ready to pull the house out from under us. thought it was going down. >> governor jerry brown declaring a state of emergency for parts of the wine country after a massive earthquake there. it was a 6.0 quake. it hit overnight shaking people from their beds and sending them running from their homes. the epicenter about six miles from napa. so far dozens of people are injured, at least three critically. the quake also ignited several fires with broken water mains complicating firefighting efforts. people are just beginning to assess the widespread damage to their businesses and homes. tens of thousands are without electricity. roads are buckled making driving difficult and gas lines have been broken. we're covering all the details on this still developing story. we have team fox coverage, first we turn to adam housely who is live in downtown napa.
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>> reporter: in fact as you can tell, cell service is really tough around here, as well. people as i might imagine are starting to see what some of the damage is. we're at the corner of second street and main street. i was actually at this building ten days ago for my class reup. and you look at it now and the place is crumbled. you go up to the second and third story, you can see where literally the entire corner of the building has come crashing up to. is this considered to be historic downtown. like a lot of towns away the country, they have redone their down town and a lot of the brick and rock buildings have been redone and is this juthis is ju the damage. this is the height of the tourist season here, as well. you can see a lot of people walking around, people from napa coming down to seat damage. and you can find the damage across town. new buildings even suffered some significant damage. a lot of damage indoors. restaurants we're being told, almost every restaurant has some sort of damage.
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grocery stores of course. claudia will have that type of damage. but really all throughout the area, it was a really good shake. i can tell you driving in from southern california this morning, we drove across a number of bridges, several still being looked at pl there have been reports of a couple regional bridges still shut down and maybe have suffered some damage. but you come back here live, we'll show you the bricks to my right, just literally crumbled down. this happened at 3:30 in the morning. if it happened about five hours later, you would have a lot more unfortunately injuries and potentially fatalities. thank god that did not happen because normally this sidewalk would have been filled with tables. so as you can see, a lot of damage. a lot of recovery to happen. the recovery is already starting. you see with a lot of small town, people coming out, helping each other out. we'll have more of course of that and the cleanup as they are still assessing a lot of the areas. gas leaks still being reported. and everything from a couple potentially critical injuries
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down to people with a few scrapes and cuts. so we may be passing the 100 mark. we're getting different numbers in from different hospitals. we'll keep you updated as we go forward with the story. >> thank you, adam. team coverage continues with claudia cowan. what do you have for snus. >> reporter: yeah, the first big earthquake here in northern california in nearly a quarter of a century woke every up in the middle of the night. i was about 35 miles away. and what struck me as i ode orot the shaking, how long it lasted. seemed to be 15 to 18 seconds of shear terror and wondering when the shaking would stop. here's how it looked at a market. surveillance footage capturing the jolt that sent flying off the store shelves from the spaghetti sauce to wine.
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people felt from sacramento to san jose. and because it was only about 7 miles deep, the damage was widespread. so folks here in napa got the worst of it. 911 was overwhelmed. local resources immediately tapped out and if i recall officials declared an emergency. >> it's just stuff. we've lost a lot of stuff. but these aren't half million dollar homes, million dollar homes, but it's a lovely community and we take care of each other. >> reporter: that gentleman the residents of a mobile home part that went up in smoke. four homes destroyed, eight others damaged. no one hurt, but a water main break meant no water pressure for firefighters who had to just let the fire burn. 30 water main breaks around the region because of the earthquake as well as 100 calls of reported gas leaks. lots of damage as adam just showed us to buildings in napa's
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historic downtown as well as to the world famous wineries. property owners are boards up their buildings. no reports of looting. officials say they have closed off the most seriously damaged streets, but they also say unexpected areas which is most of napa county is open for business. so tourists who have reservations here in the napa valley and in the wine country, they say come on up. three reports of critical injuries, two adults and a child. >> claudia, we'll interrupt you you because there a press conference in progress from napa city officials. let's get to that now. >> -- limited access so they can get their businesses up and running. we're putting a list together of the specifics in terms of what those businesses are. and where they are. so that we can share that with you you as soon as we have it. as far as the injury report, we don't have any additional information from what we gave you earlier in the day. about 87 people have been
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taken -- or have either been taken to the hospital with injury, three critical condition, one was a minor air lifted to another hospital. and two are adults that are in 0gz the rest i believe are various injuries not listed as dangerous. we didn't have anymore detail, we don't know if there have been any other people brought to the hospital or have driven in on their own. i will ask the fire chief if he has any additional information to share. my name is mike parness, city manager. and this is mike randolph. >> the majority of what we've
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been doing for the last several hours is assessing the damage of a lot of our buildings in the downtown area, making sure there was no imminent rescue. and happy to say there has not been. so we have currently four type one strike teams in the city. we have two usar task force in the city. and we have one strike team of water tenders. what we're also simultaneously addressing is a bunch of calls like over 100 calls of the smell of that will gas. so that is our primary attention right now. that's it for fire. jack, do you have some update?
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this is our public works director. >> jack larochelle, public works director. just have an update. we have identified 60 water main break, 20 of those have been isolated, shut off. and we are now in more of a recovery mode to go through and fix those issues. we will have five crews working in two shifts, 12 hour shifts, for however long it takes us to coming in who will be able to roy not only men and equipment, but also any kind of repair kits that we need for the water mans but also any kind of repair kits that we need for the water mans. the good news is that none of our larger transmission mains appear to have been damaged. that is really good news. so just more of the distribution lines that are causing the problem. other than that, that's pretty much it for the public works
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update. >> how much longer do you imagi imagine power -- >> power? i don't know. you'll have to talk to pg and e on that. i'm not sure if there is anyone here from -- >> how many people are affected by any of the water -- >> we're in the process of identifying all of those folks. we don't know the number quite yet. but we are looking at all the affected areas and to get a good account for you. as soon as we get that information, perhaps at the next briefi briefing -- >> [ inaudible question ]. >> we think it may take a whole week to get everything restored. we'll go as quickly as possible to restore things, but it may take us that long.
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>> [ inaudible question ]. >> 20 of the 60, does that mean you have 40 water mains still leaking? >> yes. >> a lot of water, a dangerous amount of water? >> no. no. both water treatment plants are on feeding water through the leaks. so like i said earlier, the water pressure is still pretty good. there are some areas where the water pressure is a little lower, but we still have good water pressure to the most part. and we're not concerned about that. if one of our water transition lines would have broken, it would have been worse. so we are fortunate. >> how many water mains are there in the city? >> well, we have 200 plus miles of streets. and i'm not sure the number, but we have at least that many miles of water mains plus all of our transition lines. our main water treatment plan is at jamison canyon.
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so we have one that comes down across the river and up on the west side and east side of the river. and then we have lake hennessy that we've opened up and feeding from the north. so both are feeding water. >> what are the conditions of the roads? >> roads aren't too bad. we do have a few locations, a handful that we have some buckling streets. but nothing that is really serious enough to cause us to close the road. brim brim bridges also are in pretty good shape. the ones over the river seem to be doing very well. [ inaudible question ]. >> could you pea right trepeat n he?
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>> a lot of people are complaining that they don't have water. so it is causing a lot of people to be without water? >> there will be a point where we have to actually shut down the water line so is that we can -- when we do the repair, it has to be dry. you can't have pressurized water coming out while we do the repair. so that will be a situation like i said when we've isolated those lines to shut off the leak, it causes -- it will cause people on that particular line to be without water. so we're trying to restore that as quickly as possible. [ inaudible question ]. >> we'll be providing some water stations around. if there are real issues, give us a call and we'll try to deal with it as best we can. [ inaudible question ]. >> we'll try to bring -- i don't think we'll have water trucks,
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but you we'll have places for people to get water if they need water. >> these repairs are not a big deal, shouldn't take a lot of time, is that why nobody should be concerned, setting up these water stations? >> we're just doing that for the convenience of folks to get some water. it could be a week or so before we get everything buttoned up. because we have a lot of -- there are 60 br 0 breaks. and we have to realize we can't just go ahead and start dig to go repair a water line. we have to call the utility companies to make sure that where we dig, we're not going to be hitting like a gas line or electric line or some other line. so there is a process we have to go through before we even start the repair. >> so people may be without water for a week? >> some people may. we'll try to get it fixed as quickly as possible. >> i have a number of questions.
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rather than getting one at a time because i'm not certain who would be the right person, but the gas line break for instance, what is being done about that and can someone address how many people are displaced from their homes and what sort of emergency shelters have been set up? i don't know who to direct that to. >> let me address the question. that came up earlier about the number of people that are impacted by power outages. it is my understanding that there are as many as 20,000 individuals without power. we have almost 80,000 people in the city. so that gives you an idea of the scale. more and more are coming back online as we speak. and we're working closely with pg and e to try to keep track of that. >> the question regarding the evacuation center is at cross roads community church right of off 1st street.
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and was there another question? >> how many fires did firefighters respond to with the gas lines? >> well, the fires that we had initially this morning, it's certainly probably more than probable that ruptured gas lines had something to do with those fires this morning. the other part of your question, though, is are there -- what are we doing about the gas leaks. well, let me be very clear that this is a smell of natural gas that is being reported through 911. and between our crews, law enforcement and pg and e gas, we're out hitting each of those to see if it's something that where we need to secure the gas or not. [ inaudible question ]. >> i'll let the police department address that. >> the answer to that question, it was not related to the
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earthquake. and we he do realize that with 20,000 people out of 80,000 in town being affected, it's important to remember, too, that a lot of areas were not impacted or they continue suffer damage. there are a lot of store respect restaurants that are still open and serving the needs of the community. so if you could get that message out there, too, we would really appreciate that. >> how many people have been displaced, how many people are without homes? >> i don't have a number for the number of -- >> mike, are you getting resources now that you didn't have earlier this morning, any calls from the state? >> we've had great cooperation from the county as well as the sta state, and our congressman is here's may want to talk a little bit about how the process works and the kind of support he's been bringing.
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we've only had a couple hours since getting all of these numbers, so we're doing our best to try to find how many people -- how many have been misplaced and how many need shelter are two different stories. vast majority of the people have other places to go, staying with family or have been able to transition from their homes. many of those people will be able to move back in as soon as we have a chance to check them out. so i appreciate the comments made by the police department. really most of the valley is operating as normal. i've been getting a lot of calls from people from outside the area planning on coming here that are worried about it for fear that this is some kind of a disaster area which means that they can't come here and enjoy the valley. the damage is in isolated locations. the issues are significant. but we're on it and it is getting better. and i think it will get -- conditions will be vastly improved over the next few days as we get on top of this.
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>> are you encouraging outsiders to continue to come into go to the wineries and tourists to -- >> what we're doing is encouraging people to call in advance, check with their lodging partners on the conditions of what the conditions are where they're staying, and make a judgment. but most of the places in the valley have not been impacted. [ inaudible question ]. >> no, don't have a ballpark. really haven't -- right now, we're still in the initial response homode where we're tryg to find out the conditions. once we have that i had filed, then we'll start putting numbers to it and try to get a better handle on it. we really can't do that now. >> what is the message for those walking around town? i see people trying to get up close, taking pictures. >> we're trying to close the areas off to the public where there are buildings that have had debris falling. because there are some hazardous conditions. we've closed off most of the
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streets where those conditions exist, trying to keep the pedestrians out, as well. once we get inspectors in, we check things out and , we'll st. but right now, we're asking you to be patient and let us do our jobs. [ inaudible question ]. >> 816 through 820. >> and do you have a list of the ten or so buildings that have not -- >> i think the only other one that i'm aware of is the old adobe, which is a restaurant in town, oldest building in the city. but my understanding is that there have been no reports of damage there. we'll check that out. >> so you're saying only four buildings total that have not been --
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>> i believe so. there were a couple that had not been reinforced that were on our list, but they haven't experienced the kind of damage we're talking about. >> so there are -- >> i think one or two others. i think there were a total of six. i'm for the positinot positive. but i think a total of six. three are heavily damaged and red tagged and one be occupied. >> is there a possibility of aftershocks that will exacerbate the situation? >> we're a wafrt pware of the p for aftershocks. we're being careful, but we're in no position to alter the way we respond to the situation. >> this is the biggest quake since 1989. how do you feel about the preparations for bigger events for earthquakes in general after seeing what happened this morning? >> well, i'm pleased with the
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amount of work that took place between '89 and now and i think it's paying off. i'm pleased with the emergency response training and resources that we've had. we've had a lot of practice with floods in the old days, so we have a team that knows how to respond. and i'm leapleased with the coordination and cooperation from other entities. since it may through many day, i think that will come in handy as we start rotating through and use some backups. p so a lot of positive things happening in difficult circumstances. >> do you have the manpower you need now? go >> we have the manpower to do the initial response, but we'll be probably rotating people out on 12 hour shift so is we can continue to work over the next days or weeks as necessary.
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[ inaudible question ]. >> i don't have specifics about why it took so long. >> will you bring in outside you law enforcement? you have so many buildings that are vulnerable. any discussion of a curfew or anything? what sort of security plan do you have? >> we've had many of our local merchants step up and offer plywood and resources so people can secure their buildings. the police are working with them. we have a great community that comes together in he's kind of circumstances. so we're not seeing those kinds of threats or conflict. we're seeing people coming together and helping us secure buildings and get people back online as soon as poll. so we don possible. so we don't see the need for curfew. security will be our priority.
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well be on the streets, but it's not been an issue. >> you said some places they had to draw water out of swimming pools? sf >> i have not heard that. you can tell me where that was? >> no. >> a related question. we also heard that because of the lack of water pressure, they couldn't fight fires? >> at 3:30 this morning when we initially started our firefighting activities specifically in the north part of town, there was delay in obtaining water. i can only imagine it was due to water main breaks. but we were able to use fortunately the majority of our engines also carry 500 gallons of water on it on even 00 ach o.
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so we were able to use that water. >> how many agencies are working together with you guys in all aspects? >> oh, my gosh. definitely over 20 and less than 200. >> one more question on the damaged buildings. were there any buildings that had been retrofitted that retrofit maybe not weren't as hoped? >> well, there were buildings receipts tr retrofitted that were damaged. there were masonry buildings that were damaged. the reinforcement is attended to hold up the walls. but there are some features on buildings and cornice type improvements and those type of things that can still come off in an erlt quake and in fact even if they're built to the highest standards, a strong enough earthquake will cause damage to buildings. so it's not a guarantee. and some of the buildings that
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were damaged had recently been completely upgraded or recently built. so just depends on where they are and what the conditions are. [ inaudible question ]. >> i don't have the addresses off the top of my head. we can get you that you information in the future. [ inaudible question ]. >> county is handling their own review of their facilities. i understand they have closed off access to the administration building. i don't know whether that was you because of damage or safety concerns. and they moved their operations to the eoc operations to the sheriff's department. but that's really something that they look at temperatu. similarly the school district is taking the condition of their schools. since they're a state operation, they have the ability to make their own declarations and determine -- >> when you say you have 15 to 16 red tagged buildings, those are not county buildings, not
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the federal building like the post office? >> we did-h -- i can't remember whether it was yellow or red, but we are looking at buildings more publicly used like the post office. there was some damage there. so when they're government buildings but they are ours, we're still working with them, we're identifying what we think should be done. that's really outside of our jurisdiction. [ inaudible question ]. >> i do not thousanow. i will have that available as we move forward. >> you'll have additional briefings? >> i was hoping we'd have more information now. maybe if we come back early this evening, 5:00 or 6:00. let's make it 5:00. does that work better for your schedules? we can come back at 5:00 and by then i hope to have some detail. before i close, however, we do have congressman mike thompson,
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council member pete mott and allegheal alfredo pedroza. they may want to say something. i didn't ask you you ahead of time, but if you have an interest, you're welcome. >> beforeou you ask a question, let me just say that i think the city and both the city and the county officials are doing a fantastic job. our public safety folks who are on the job are doing a magnificent job. and i've been through as some of you probably know a lot of similar natural disasters having a district that used to run up the north coast. so i lived through all of the fern dale and eureka earthquakes. and i've never seen anybody do it better than our city, county
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and public safety folks are doing it right here. [ inaudible question ]. >> about if i was able to make that kind of calculation, i'm clearly in the wrong job. i can tell you that the way it works is oes and fema have conducted an aerial survey. that's always the first step. they want know where the dollar and cents number lands until after their folks are on the ground and go through some of these buildings. some buildings don't look damaged at all from the outside, but problems inside. there are some that are damaged on the outside. there is even bigger problems inside. and that usually takes a few days for them to get a rough estimate. but as you probably know, governor jerry brown has declared a disaster.
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and the next step will be to do all the assessments and to see where the federal government will participate. i can tell you that everybody, city, county, state, feds, everybody is doing everything they can to make sure that everyone is back on their feet as soon as they can possibly be back on their feet. >> did you have a sense of the global damage? >> i've had some reports, there are some wineries that have been hit pretty hard, barrels have been knocked off the rack. a lot of the glass inventory has been broken. i've heard from two wineries in particular that have had some damage. the damage as you know, while napa seems to be the biggest -- is the biggest spot, it also ripples throughout my district. i know down in vallejo, they have had a considerable amount of damage especially down


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